This Is New Zealand - American Edition by Sheffield House; Steve La Plant; Michael de Hamel; Robin Arthur; Tomoko Yata Grainger

Tilly Trotter Wed by Catherine Cookson

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Beautiful and bewitching Tilly Trotter has served Mark Sopwith devotedly for twelve years--his wife in all but name.  But now his is dead and Tilly's whole future at Highfield Manor looks uncertain. Four months pregnant with Mark's child, Tilly's predicament is worsened by the hostility of his oldest grown-up child, Jessie Ann, who is determined to have Tilly banished from the Manor... No stranger to hardship and trouble, brave and young Matilda is destined to leave her native Tyneside for a strange and distant land--following her heart to America, where great peril awaits her... This 351 1989 Transworld Publishers Limited is in Paperback condition.

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