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This Way To Spaceship by Darby Rhys

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You've probably heard the rumours about the world ending in 2012, right? Did you know that the smart and powerful people are secretly building three giant spaceships in which to make a getaway but it's only for them? And did you also know that to get on one of those spaceships and escape you've got to be a VIP? That's right, you've got to MAKE IT BIG! You didn't know? You don't know how? Rhys Darby has written just the book for you. Get noticed? Dance like a demon? Score with the opposite sex? Not just talk the talk but walk the talk as you walk? And achieve fame and fortune? This book won't just change your life - it will save it! The result is a book as zany and hilarious as Rhys Darby himself. 'Now is the time to act, people!' shouts Darby. 'Get off your ass and make sure you're on the invite list. But just to start with: read this book!' This 214 2012 Hachette Australia in association with PQ Blackwel is in Paperback condition.

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