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The Jewish Mind by Raphael Patai

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First published in 1977, 'The Jewish Mind' is a sweeping intellectual history of the Jews. Raphael Patai takes readers on an insightful journey through three millennia; examines six great historic encounters between the Jews, on the one hand, and the Canaanite culture, Hellenism, the Arab Golden Age, Renaissance Italy, Russian sectarianism, and European Enlightenment, on the other; and analyses the manner in which each of them left its mark on the Jewish mind. This historic venture is followed by another journey, perhaps even more fascinating: a journey into the depths of the contemporary Jewish mind, involving the exploration of Jewish intelligence, giftedness, and genius; of the phenomenology of special Jewish talents; of Jewish personality and character; and of the physical and mental health of the Jews, including the pitfalls of marginality, alcoholism, overeating and drug addiction. Among the questions tackled in this part of the book: Are the Jews more intelligent than non-Jews? And if so, why? Are there differences in intelligence between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews? Why is there among the Jews in the Western world a higher incidence of neurosis but a lower one of psychosis than among non-Jews? Based on solid evidence and data, Patai provides convincing support for his claims. The book also explores the tragedy of Jewish self-hate and its psychological roots. Despite the threats to Jewish existence, Patai concludes with a note of optimism by emphasising that basic Jewish vaues, which for two thousand years have been constants in the Jewish mind, contain the promise of the Jewish future. In a postscript added to this new edition, Patai discusses the two decades that have passed since the original publication of this book. Several major developments have contributed to an improvement in the global Jewish condition, including the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, the demise of Communism, the unification of Germany, the peace agreement signed between Israel and Jordan in 1994, and the emigration of Jews from North Africa. Patai demonstrates how these events further equal rights and opportunities for all Jews, enhancing Jewish identification and, as a result, the Jewish mind. This 1977 Scribner Paperback is in Good condition.

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