The Four-Legged Major by Graham Spencer; Peter McIntyre

The Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth

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It is a time of political unrest in Great  Britain. And behind the Iron Curtain an insidious plot  is being hatched, a plan so incendiary that even  the KGB is ignorant of its  existence--Aurora, the sinister brainchild of two of the  world's most dangerous men: the general secretary  of the Soviet Union and master spy Kim  Philby.The wheels are in motion, the pawns  are in place, and the countdown has begun toward  an 'accident' that could change the fact  of British politics forever and trigger and  collapse of the Western alliance.Only  British agent John Preston stand any chance of  breaching the conspiracy. Through plot and  counterplot, from bloody back streets to polished halls of  power both East and West, his desperate  investigation is relentlessly blocked by deceit, treachery,  and the most deadly enemy of  all...time. This 1985 Corgi Adult Paperback is in Good condition.

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