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Mother Teresa: Her People And Her Work by Desmond Doig

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The real story of Mother Teresa began twenty-seven years ago in a cloistered well-to-do Calcutta convent, where she was the Principal of the Bengali section. Beyond the manicured lawns of the School was a teeming ghetto which reflected the suffocating horror of a city that has often been called the world’s biggest slum. Mother Teresa asked and received special dispensation from Rome to leave the security of her convent and work amongst the poorest of Calcutta’s poor. She went out alone with little else than the clothes she wore and five rupees, and her incredible, unshakeable faith. Just two years later she received permission from Rome to start her own order, and the Missionaries of Charity came into being. And so from one slum in a single city on a burning August day like any other, but destined to be engraved for ever on an indifferent city’s heart, the radiance of a lone, alarmingly vulnerable nun has spread to places the world over, wherever humanity has reached its lowest ebb. ‘In the West, one of the greatest problems is loneliness. People die alone,’ says Mother Teresa. In Vietnam her Brothers have helped to heal the wounds of war, in Jordan her Sisters trend to bewildered refugees. The Pope himself asked her to establish a House in the slums of Rome. Her Sisters, brown and white, work together in the ghettos of Harlem. Poor Australian aborigines know her well. All the world’s down-trodden are Mother’s people’ – ‘Our people’ as she lovingly calls them. This 1976 Collins Hardback is in Good condition.

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