Six seconds by Rick Mofina

My Soul to Take by Steve Morgan

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It's a staggering breakthrough: the blind can see. A microship implant that miraculously restores sight is available - at a price. But not all its beneficiaries are as esctatic as you'd expect. In fact, some would prefer to be blind again. When tortured artist Andrew Dugan meets project supervisor Dr Suzannah Lord, he begs her to remove the implant. She is incredulous: why would a brilliant painter prefer blindness to perfect vision? What Dugan tells her is horrifying beyond belief. In order to stop the evil she has inadvertently helped create, Suzannah and Dugan must penetrate a lethal no-man's-land where perverted science and out-of-control government action meet to create strange and terrible new futures for humanity ... This 1994 Mandarin Paperback is in Good condition.

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