Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

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Mars is a living, breathing planet, resplendent with genetically engineered plants and animals living by recently formed canals and stormy seas - an Eden to be envied. Earth is creaking under the weight of overdevelopment; too many people with too few resources - an object lesson in how to not run a planet. The survivors of the First Hundred, among them Michel, Nadia, Maya, Sax, and Ann, have achieved their goal; political independence. They are like walking myths to a Martian youth determined to preserve their hard-won gains. But what to preserve and what to create? The original schisms in the First Hundred have hardened into polar opposites; Reds (to keep the planet in its original wilderness state) and Greens (to terraform for human use). Civil war looms. Worse, Earth looks on bitterly. For many Terrans, Mars is a mocking utopia. A dream to live for - perhaps even die for. This 1996 Voyager Paperback is in Fair condition.

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