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The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford

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Who makes most money from thedemand for cappuccinos early in the morning at WaterlooStation?Why is it impossible to get a foot on the propertyladder?How do the Mafia make money from laundries when streetgangs pushing drugs donrsquo;t?Who really benefits from immigration?How can China, in just 50 years, go from theworldrsquo;s worst famine to one of the greatesteconomic revolutions of all time, lifting a millionpeople out of poverty a month?Looking at familiar situations in unfamiliar ways, THEUNDERCOVER ECONOMIST is a fresh explanation of thefundamental principles of the modern economy, illuminatedby examples from the streets of London to the boomingskyscrapers of Shanghai to the sleepy canals of Bruges.Leaving behind textbook jargon and equations, Tim Harfordwill reveal the games of signals and negotiations,contests of strength and battles of wit that drive notonly the economy at large but the everyday choices wemake. This 2007 Abacus Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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