The Halls Of Stormweather by Ed Greenwood; Clayton Emery; Lisa Smedman; Dave Gross; Voronica Whitney-Robinson; Paul S. Kemp; Richard Lee Byers

Heirs Of Prophecy by Lisa Smedman

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LarajinIn a household where everyone has a secret, why should the maid be any different?The unacknowledged daughter of Thamalon Uskevren, Larajin is a half-elf who finds herself embroiled in a bitter war between elves and humans. In an effort to bring peace to both Sembia and the Dalelands, Larajin will have to confront a twin brother she doesn't know and save a half-brother whose fate hangs in the balance. This 2002 Wizards of the Coast Paperback is in Good condition.

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