The Warner Brothers Story by Clive Hirschhorn

Peter Jackson: From Prince of Splatter To Lord of the Rings by Ian Pryor

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This fascinating look at the now celebrated director tells of the inspiration that have led to the making of the three world-famous 'Lord of the Rings films - and the six other films that preceded them. This unauthorized biography traces the journey of a young movie fanatic, from Sunday afternoons spent fooling around with a camera, through low-budget cult movies, to control of the most ambitious film project ever, on what is probably the best-loved fantasy novel ever written. This in-depth biography explores the many talents of the young Peter Jackson: the making of 'Bad Taste; ' Meet the Feebles; 'Braindead; 'Heavenly Creatures; 'Forgotten Silver; 'The Frighteners, and the 'Lord of the Rings trilogy. The story behind the 'Rings - which tells how Jackson got the rights to make the film and the permission and funding to make three films rather than collapsing the story into just one or two films, interviews, and other behind the scenes material from the making of the landmark films. Past and future - in which the author considers Jackson's achievements and possible future - including his remake of King Kong. From casts of zombies, traumatised puppets and murderous teenagers, to deal-making in Hollywood, this book is about following one's visions wherever they might lead. This 2003 Random House New Zealand Paperback is in Good condition.

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