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The Other Israel: Voices of Refusal and Dissent by Tom Segev; Roane Carey; Jonathan Shainin

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Israeli citizens speak out for peace and reconciliation. The Other Israel is an urgent and passionate intervention by Israeli citizens challenging the continued occupation of Palestinian territory and the failed policies of Ariel Sharon's government. Against a backdrop of increasing violence on both sides, the book presents a broad range of dissenting voices that articulate practical, legal, and moral objections to the occupation. Written from within the throes of the unfolding tragedy, it includes contributions from journalists, novelists, activists, military reservists, and former government officials. Among the topics covered are dissent within the Israeli armed forces, the brutality of recent Israeli military interventions, the inaccurate claims concerning Ehud Barak's 'generous offer' to the Palestinians at Camp David, the shortcomings of the Israeli media in reporting the war accurately, the moral decline of Israel in its role as an occu-pying power, and the failure of Ariel Sharon to bring about either peace or security for Israeli citizens. The Other Israel questions what it means, here in America, to stand in solidarity with Israel: Are Israel's true supporters those who urge occupation and reprisal, or those calling for reconciliation and a just settlement? Needed now more than ever, this book challenges narrow American perceptions of public opinion in Israel, and will act as a catalyst in prompting vital debate about the future of Israel and the path to peace for all citizens of the Middle East. Contributors include: David Grossman • Amira Hass • Avi Shlaim • Ilan Pappe • Gideon Levy • Meron Benvenisti • Neve Gordon • Shulamit Aloni • Baruch Kimmerling • Ami Ayalon • Ze'ev Sternhell Gila Svirsky • Uri Avnery This 2002 W. W. Norton & Company Hardback is in Very Good condition.

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