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Daniel, Esther And Jeremiah: the Additions - a New Translation with Introduction And Commentary by Carey A. Moore

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The apocryphal sections of Daniel, Esther, and Jeremiah and vibrant works which cast light on the life and thought of the Jewish nation at the time of the Exile, adding dramatic excitement and increasing the religious significance of these beloved Bible tales.  The Additions to the Book of Daniel tell the exciting stories of the Fiery Furnace, Susanna and the Elders, and the confrontations between Daniel and the gods of Babylon; and show how God preserved the faithful in the face of certain death.  The Book of Esther is transformed by the Additions from a so-called 'secular' work to a wonderful and dramatic tale of God's concern and care for His people under the tyranny of foreign oppressors.  The Additions to the Book of Jeremiah consist of poems and prayers addressed to the people of the Exile, exhorting them to shun idolatry and offering encouragement for a repressed nation.  Why were these invaluableA dditions excluded from the canonical versions of the books?  This is a fascinating question which is considered in the introductions and notes to the different sections of this volume.  The engrossing problems of authorship, date and place of composition, and the intended relevance of each Addition are also dealt with clearly and comprehensively.  Illustrated with pages of well-chosen photographs, this work amplifies and enhances our understanding and appreciation of the canonical scriptures. This 1977 Anchor Bible Hardback is in Good condition.

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