Meltdown by Andy McNab

Boy Soldier by Andy McNab; Robert Rigby

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Danny Wattss grandfather, Fergus, was a traitor. One of the worst sort. An SAS explosives expert who betrayed his country and his Regiment for money. Drug money. He was arrested and left to rot and die in a Columbian jail. At least, thats what seventeen-year-old Danny is told when his hopes of becoming a soldier are destroyed for ever. But he knows something the army doesnt seem to know. Fergus Watts is alive and in the UK, living in secret under an assumed name but where? Fergus is Dannys only living relative. Burning with fury and desire for revenge, Danny sets out to track down his grandfather and expose him. In doing so he sets in train an explosive sequence of events which throw Danny and Fergus together on the run from the people who want Fergus, and now Danny, dead. This 2006 Corgi (UK) Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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