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Arctic Stories by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak

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Acclaimed Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak weaves a tapestry of tales about ten-year-old Agatha and her accidental heroism in the high Arctic of 1958. The first of Agatha's stories is based on one of Kusugak's real life experiences, when an eerie, black airship flew over Chesterfield Inlet in 1958. A sleepy Agatha 'saves' the community from the monstrous flying object.In the second story, Agatha notices the playful antics of the winter ravens and takes an interest in the many migrating birds. As the seasons change, she begins to favor more beautiful and peaceful birds of spring, until the ravens return.The third of Agatha's stories takes place in the fall when Agatha is sent to school in Chesterfield Inlet, an English-speaking community south of her home. During an afternoon of skating, Agatha rescues a show-off priest, who has inadvertently demonstrated the danger of thin ice.The three Agatha stories resonate with the nostalgia and affection of Kusugak's childhood memories. This 1998 Annick Press Paperback is in Good condition.

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