The Toll-Gate by Georgette Heyer

The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner

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'A thrilling apocalyptic sci-fi adventure story involving a race against time to prevent a deadly viral contamination that threatens the end of all life on Earth. When Tane and Rebecca receive digital messages warning of the impending disaster, there is a chance to alleviate the threat. As they piece the clues together, they discover that the messages are being sent by their future selves, and they must stop The Chimera Project - a devastating apocalyptic plague - from being released. But they soon discover that changing the past in order to protect the future will be more difficult than they first thought. As a strange white cloud begins to move across New Zealand - and people start disappearing - Tane and Rebecca find that, not only may they be too late, but it may be impossible to stop at all. The cloud is made up of antibodies designed to attack human beings and has been created by Mother Nature herself as an antidote to the destructive human race. As the mist devours everyone and everything in its wake, Tane and Rebecca realize there is no way out - this plague is going to destroy the earth and their only hope is to take refuge from impending doom. As the end of the world begins, Tane stumbles on a way to prevent this from happening - they will send new messages to themselves from the future and change the course of history. Only this time they will get it right The Tomorrow Code is an action packed sci-fi time-travel adventure set in New Zealand and is full of danger & excitement and will appeal to teenagers. It also explores contemporary issues like the environment, overconsumption, the misuse of technology and biological warfare and presents complex scientific and philosophical issues in an accessible way that kids will find both fascinating and thrilling.'--Provided by publisher. This 2008 Walker Books Australia Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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