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The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life As An Act of Love by Thomas Moore

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In his provocative and highly original new work, the bestselling author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates at last restores sex to its rightful place in the human psyche.A work that explores the soul of sex -- its depth, mystery, and vast imagination -- this groundbreaking book speaks directly to the ordinary individual and couple looking for deeper meaning and sensuality in all aspects of their lives. As in Thomas Moore's previous books, The Soul of Sex draws on mythology, literature, and religion to discuss the various aspects of sex, including sexual fantasy, erotic dreams, the body, hair, and cosmetics, the sex organs, sexual comedy, chastity and purity, the sensuous life, sex in the workplace, marital sex, and sex in myth. It explores the spirituality inherent in sex and relates the many ways in which spiritual values can sometimes wound our sexuality. And it spells out an epicurean way of life where the simple pleasures of good food, home, and intimacy with nature provide an erotic base for a fulfilling sex life.By positing a union of spirituality and our sexual natures, Thomas Moore connects sex to the rest of life. This singular approach questions the very foundations of our usual thinking about sex and offers every reader a fresh, livable way of becoming more deeply sexual and loving. This 1998 HarperCollins Hardback is in Poor condition.

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