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The Wine Of Solitude by Irene Nemirovsky

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Imbued with melancholy and regret, it explores the troubled relationship between a young girl, her distant, self-absorbed mother and her mother's lover, Max. We follow the family through the Great War and the Russian Revolution, as the young Helene grows from a dreamy, unhappy child into an angry young woman. Through hot summers in a fictionalised Kiev (Nemirovsky's own birthplace) and the cruel winters of St Petersburg, the would-be writer Helene blossoms, despite her mother's neglect, into a clear-eyed observer of the life around her. The Wine of Solitude is a powerful tale, telling less of the end of innocence, than of disillusionment; the sotry of an upbringing that produces a young woman as hard as a diamond, prepared to wreak a shattering revenge on her mother. This 2011 Chatto & Windus Paperback is in Good condition.

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