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Slave to Fashion: A Novel by Rebecca Campbell

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Fashion college has taught Katie Castle everything she ever needed to know: how to smoke cigarettes and drink; how to flirt with gay men and straight women; how to get into clubs without paying. Possessed of a sharp eye and a stiletto tongue, Katie talks her way into the job of her dreams. Working for chic designer Penny Moss, Katie snags not only a town house in London’s Primrose Hill but also a cute fiancé, Ludo, who happens to be Penny’s son. But one act of libidinal folly with the company delivery driver costs Katie everything: job, boyfriend, flat, friends. Will she be forced to move back with her sartorially challenged parents? Or can she maneuver a return to fashion that somehow doesn’t involve (gasp!) retail? Rebecca Campbell has invented a wisecracking heroine who’ll keep you laughing right up to the last page. Katie’s misfortune will be your delight, as this irrepressible wit carpe diems herself into a set of adventures that once again propels her to the top.Slave to Fashionmarks the arrival of an uncommonly smart and very funny new writer. From the Trade Paperback edition. This 2002 Villard Paperback is in Good condition.

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