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A Genius in the Family: An Intimate Memoir of Jacqueline Du Pré by Hilary Du Pré; Piers Du Pré

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Since her death in 1987, Du Pre's brother and sister have felt that her life story has never been fully told. This is their account of what happens when a prodigy is born into a family, and how the driving force of a talent controlled not only her life, but theirs too. Hilary du Pré is a British flautist and memoirist best known for her co-authorship of the book A Genius in the Family and contributions to the film Hilary and Jackie, both of which relate the story of her sister, cellist Jacqueline du Pré. Hilary Du Pré is married to conductor Christopher 'Kiffer' Finzi. They have four children together. Hilary du Pré was born in Hertfordshire, the daughter of Iris Greep and Derek du Pré. She has a brother Piers and a sister, Jacqueline. She revealed a natural affinity for music at an early age, but was overshadowed by the talents of her younger sister Jackie, a celebrated cellist whose life and career was cut short by multiple sclerosis. Hilary married Christopher Finzi and lived with him in the country with their family. Allegedly with his wife's consent, Finzi had a romantic affair with his ailing sister-in-law, who was exhibiting suicidal behaviour as the result of a nervous breakdown. During the 1970s she taught music and the flute at Downe House School, Cold Ash, Newbury. In her 1997 memoir A Genius in the Family, co-written with her brother Piers, du Pré chronicled the complex relationship, both tortured and deeply loving, which she had with her sister. She claimed to have agreed to the affair because she wanted Jackie to experience the stable family life the younger woman envied. This version of events has been contradicted by a number of sources, including Hilary's daughter with Christopher. She said that her father had more than one affair and exhibited abusive behaviour towards Jacqueline du Pré while she was in a vulnerable, emotional state. This 1998 Vintage Paperback is in Good condition.

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