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Atlas of Medieval Europe by Donald Matthew

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This atlas surveys the history of European culture and society from the decline of the Roman empire to the discovery of America in the late 15th century. The Roman world, which began to break up in the 5th century, was superseded by several different political societies with different interests in its traditions and different capacities to absorb its legacy: Byzantium, Islam and the barbarian states of western Europe. The last, who made the slowest progress towards civilization, eventually succeeded best in adapting the ancient legacy for the benefit of the peoples of the whole European continent. This Europe was never wholly united politically, but common faith in Christianity gave it a kind of spiritual unity and the long frontier with Islam committed Christian Europe to encounters with Muslims over practically the whole period. The book ends with the European discovery of the rest of the world, opening up the possibility of further migrations by sea in modern times. This 1983 Phaidon Press Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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