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We Will Not Cease by Archibald Baxter

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We Will Not Cease is the epic record of New Zealander Archibald Baxter's brutal treatment as a conscientious objector. In 1915, when he was 33, Baxter was arrested, sent to prison, then shipped under guard to Europe where he was forced to the front line against his will. Punished to the limits of his physical and mental endurance, Baxter was stripped of all dignity, beaten, starved and left for dead. In the final attempt to discredit him authorities consigned him to a mental institution, an experience that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Long regarded as a classic, his book is as relevant now as when it was first published in 1939. About the author Archibald Baxter’s influence, not least on his son Terence, a conscientious objector in World War II, and on his poet son, James K. Baxter, continues today. This 2003 Cape Catley Paperback is in Mint condition.

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