Goodbye Bafana by James Gregory

Fire Along the Sky by Sara Donati

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The year is 1812 and Hannah Bonner has come home to the mountain cabin in Paradise where she grew up with her father Nathaniel and her stepmother Elizabeth. But she has returned alone, without her husband and without her son, and with a story of horror and loss that she cannot bear to tell. As Hannah struggles to pick up the threads of her old life, resuming her duties as a gifted healer among the sick and needy, little does she realise that she is about to face her greatest challenge ever. In her absence Hannah's stepsister Lily has grown into a reckless beauty, whose wayward affair with a married man will have shattering consequences for everyone. As the distant thunder of war draws ever closer, Hannah is called away to perform one final act of courage and sacrifice. And in risking everything once more, she may learn to live - and perhaps love - again. This 2005 Bantam Paperback is in Good condition.

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