Old Drumble by Jack Lasenby

Discovery the Mega World

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Hundreds of dramatic photographs and more than 3000 amazing facts showcase our colossal planet and everything on it. Discover the Mega World looks at core reference subjects from a gigantic perspective. From prehistoric giants and super-sized space to mighty structures and mega cities, the action-packed text and innovative design concepts provide a thrilling reading experience. Six super chapters inside Discover the Mega World: ¥ Vast Oceans: Journey through Earth's biggest and most mysterious habitat. ¥ Prehistoric Giants: Meet the mega monsters that have ruled our planet throughout history. ¥ Extreme Universe: From colliding galaxies to fiery star birth, this tour of the Universe is guaranteed to make you feel tiny. ¥ Super Structures: Discover the technology behind immense feats of engineering. ¥ Mega Cities: Take at trip through the crowded streets and find out how megacities are keeping pace. ¥ Building History: Explore a world of colossal constructions, spectacular structures and mighty monuments. Kids will love to discover the world with fascinating facts such as: ¥ The blue whale's heart is the size of a small car and its body is more than twice the length of a T rex. ¥ Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System Ð 2.5 times the mass of all the other planets added together. ¥ By night, Tokyo is the brightest city on the planet, as seen from space. Tokyo also has the biggest population of 34.8 million people. This 2012 Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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