The Birth of Time: How We Measured the Age of the Universe by John Gribbin

Qi: the Quest for Intelligence by Kevin Warwick

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Dr. Kevin Warwick warns us that robots and machine intelligence pose an enormous threat to mankind. He is deeply critical of techniques used to measure human intelligence, in particular IQ tests. He believes these are both flawed and outdated. He has developed an entirely new theory, which proposes a universal view of intelligence, within which human, animal and even artificial intelligence are united for the first time. Challenging and controversial, QI will stimulate widespread argument and discussion. Brings ideas on intelligence up to date and aligns them with the world in which we now live Overturns much current thinking on intelligence of humans, animals and machines Reveals how IQ testing has been misused in the past, including how the US used low IQ scores as a basis for 'voluntary' sterilisation and rejection of refugees from Nazism Examines the intelligence of animals, machines and robots, and considers how they are more intelligent than humans and the effect that this might have This 2001 Piatkus Paperback is in Good condition.

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