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Darkroom Basics... And Beyond by Roger Hicks; Frances E. Schultz

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Make your own darkroom prints, even without access to a darkroom. Makeshift or dual-purpose spaces will work, if you follow the basics of black-and-white developing techniques shown here. Diagrams and photos simplify the use of developers, fixers, graduates, timers, and thermometers. Sections on using developing equipment cover enlargers, lenses, trays, tanks, drums, and safelights. You see how to process a negative and turn out work prints, test strips, contacts, and proofs. The techniques for making a final print cover cropping, dodging, burning, preflashing, soft focus, borders, vignetting, spotting, and retouching. Soon you can create portraits and landscapes that feature sepia toning, archival toning, and hand coloring, as well as giant prints and posters. This 2000 Collins & Brown Hardback is in Good condition.

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