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I Am Maru by Mugumogu

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Maru, the mischievous male Scottish Fold cat, is an international YouTube sensationÑan adorable ball of fur with a penchant for finding remarkably cozy hiding places. Compiled by MaruÕs owner, the user-named mugumogu, I Am Maru celebrates the unique abilities of this unforgettable feline contortionist with photographs and text, in English and Japanese. Cat lovers everywhere and readers who made Dewey, Zooborns, and I Can Has Cheezburger phenomenal hits will be delighted to get to know better this endearing celebrity cat with a big personality and an enormous established online fanbase. This 2011 HarperCollins Hardback is in Near Mint condition.

English and Japanese ISBN: 9780062088413 SKU: 1197799 Note: Any image shown is from a stock photo and is not the actual book.