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The God Beneath the Sea by Leon Garfield; Edward Blishen

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At first it was a tiny prick of light - as if the sun had gone too close and caught the immense blue fabric of the sky. It glinted and glittered and presently it was seen to be moving. Its light cast a great pooi of gold on the darkening sea and a curious sound was in the air. A thin wailing that rose at times to a scream... The sounds grew shriller, louder. The waves began to tremble and hasten hither and thither in a panic. It was coming . . . Then, for the briefest instant, the falling shape was seen quite clearly as it turned over and over in the air. It was a fiery, shrieking baby... The God Beneath The Sea is a brilliantly original version of the Greek myths - the stories of the flood, of Prometheus, Persephone, Pandora and many others, all set against the vast background of the creation of the gods, their deeds and conflicts, their power over their creature, man . . . And there is the story of Hephaestus, the misshapen artist-god - who, hurled from Olympus by his mother Hera for his ugliness, lives to become - The God Beneath The Sea This 1977 Carousel Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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