A Respectable Girl by Feleur Beale

The Mag Hags by Lollie Barr

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Cat Dean, Queen of the Us Crew, is the social barometer of cool at Baywood High - well, that's what she thinks. So, imagine the fireworks when she's forced to work with her nemesis, the righteously right-on Mand Hospock, numero uno geek girl Wanda Hong, privileged princess Corabelle Askew and Ms Invisible Maggie Jones, to create a magazine for half of their Year 10 English mark. Identity, values and aspirations are all called into question as the five girls discover their true talents and the courage to speak out on serious issues like body image, relationships and empty celebrity. Add to the mix their dysfunctional families, a couple of 80s popstars, the world's best virtual-reality machine, a wedding, a formal, lots of hot boys and a whole load of laughs, and you've got yourself an inspirational, modern-day adventure. This 2007 Random House Australia Paperback is in Good condition.

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