Understanding Power: the Indispensable Chomsky by Noam Chomsky

Burnt Ice by Steve Wheeler

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The ruling body of the five star systems inhabited by Man are very concerned by breakaway groups that are exploring and inhabiting other star systems. These groups are gathering resources and strength with the intent to break away from the repressive regime. The actual reason is driven by intelligence that some of the breakaway groups have developed new and very powerful technologies and weapons - weapons that the Government wants to control. Two brothers - starship pilots - see what appears to be a stonehenge-like structures on the sea floor of a particular planet and are attacked by colossus squid. They manage to escape, but as soon as they get ashore they are met by a battle raging between alien tech and the Gjomvik company-Administration combined force. The fight is won, but it is only the beginning of an ongoing battle with the squid-type aliens. A group of renegades battle to stay alive. If the battles don't kill them, the government will have a damn good try. This 2012 HarperVoyager Paperback is in Good condition.

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