The Hollow Men by Nicky Hager

The Fall of Light by Niall Williams

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An epic tale of Irelands people in the nineteenth century.The story begins in the famine-stricken Ireland of the mid-nineteenth century. The Foley family have always been proud and fearless, shaped by their fight for survival. But now they have lost their home. And they have also lost Emer, wife of Francis and mother to the four boys, Tomas, Finbar, Finan, and the youngest, Teige, a solemn twelve-year old who possesses an extraordinary gift. With nothing now to hold them they set off across Ireland, in search of a new start in the untenanted lands of the west.Disaster strikes, however, and the brothers are scattered across the country and overseas. Their adventures teach them about the world outside as they travel through Europe, Africa and the New World; each of them must endure many trials and learn much before their wanderings can end. This 2001 Picador Paperback is in Good condition.

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