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The Great Wall of China by Claire Roberts; Geremie Barme

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It is commonly and mistakenly believed that there is a single Great Wall ofhina. Rather, it is made up of many small walls built over the course ofime. The first defensive wall in China dates from around 688 BC, but thereat Walls that we know today were mainly completed in the Ming Dynasty1368-1644). Man has used it in ways that range from a potent defensiveeasure to an iconic piece of cultural heritage to a major tourist attraction.The Great Wall of China brings together some fascinating insights into thetudy of the Walls. Diverse methods are employed to illustrate the social andolitical history of the Wall from ancient times up to the present day.cholarly, but accessible essays are interspersed with contemporarynterviews which reveal the local experience of this Chinese institution. Theook is divided into 6 major themes: Fame, Form, Forces, Foundations,rontiers and Facades and comprises 13 essays by authors from Australia,hina and the US. Accompanying an exhibition held in the Powerhouse Museum,ydney and the National Museum of China, Beijing, they consider the Wall from This 2006 PowerHouse Paperback is in Good condition.

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