Island Madness by Tim Binding

Of Love and Shadows by Isabel Allende

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Set in a country of arbitrary arrests, sudden disappearances and summary executions, Isabel Allende's magical new novel tells of the passionate affair of two people prepared to risk everything for the sake of justice and truth. Irene Beltr‡n, a reporter, comes from a wealthy background; Francisco Leal, a young photographer secretly engaged in undermining the military dictatorship, is strongly attracted by her beauty. It does not matter that Irene's fiancŽ is an army captain: each time Francisco accompanies her on a magazine assignment, he falls more deeply in love with her.When they go to investigate the mysterious case of Evangelina Ranquileo, a girl suffering from spectacular fits which are rumoured to have miraculous powers, the arrival of soldiers adds a sinister aspect to the mystery. And then Evangelina disappears. Irene and Francisco, in trying to trace her and indict the junta, become engulfed in a vortex of terror and violence. This 1988 Black Swan Paperback is in Good condition.

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