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Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky

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The Cod. Wars Have Been Fought Over It, Revolutions Have Been Triggered By It, National Diets Have Been Based On It, Economies And Livelihoods Have Depended On It. To The Millions It Has Sustained, It Has Been A Treasure More Precious That Gold. This Book Spans 1, 000 Years And Four Continents. From The Vikings To Clarence Birdseye, Mark Kurlansky Introduces The Explorers, Merchants, Writers, Chefs And Fisherman, Whose Lives Habe Been Interwoven With This Prolific Fish. He Chronicles The Cod Wars Of The 16Th And 20Th Centuries. He Blends In Recipes And Lore From The Middle Ages To The Present. In A Story That Brings World History And Human Passions Into Captivating Focus, He Shows How The Most Profitable Fish In History Is Today Faced With Extinction. This 1999 Vintage Paperback is in Good condition.

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