Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Lewis Wolpert

A Wealth of Insights by Bill Cooke

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Humanism is a relatively young word, coined only in 1808, and yet it is the most transcultural mode of thought ever conceived. Centered on the plight of all humans in the here and now and committed to reason, free thought, and producing a better, more democratic world, humanism encompasses positive and constructive perspectives and goals. In this enlightening study, Bill Cooke, author and independent scholar, explores the history of humanism-the word, the concept, and the thinkers who identify themselves as humanist (or ought to). Investigating the works and lives of humanists from England to Nigeria, New Zealand, America, China, India, and beyond, Cooke reveals that humanism is not only the most transcultural of perspectives but also one of the oldest, with roots that can be traced back to ancient cultures. This 2009 Prometheus Books Hardback is in Mint condition.

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