Show, Don't Tell (Drama!) by Paul Ruditis

Model Misfit: Geek Girl 2 by Holly Smale

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On paper, Harriet Manners' life couldn't get much better. She's signed up with one of London's top model agencies, has sorted out the school bully, patched up the row with her best friend Nat and even become the girlfriend of Nick, the most beautiful boy she has ever laid eyes on. And she remains (happily) a geek. At least that's the version of her life she wants to believe in. Back in reality, Harriet's feeling a little bit lost. Her exams are over (boo she was enjoying them FAR too much!) and plans to spend the summer hols with Nat are scuppered because her best friend is being packed off on a French exchange for a month. Now Harriet faces summer completely alone because, even worse, after a whirlwind romance with Nick, he dumped her. Sort of. Maybe... Meanwhile Harriet's very pregnant stepmother is radiating extremely grumpy hormones and putting her father in a total spin. Harriet's feeling pushed out of the nest at home as her parents start going baby crazy. Is there room for Harriet too? So when she's offered the chance to model in Japan, Harriet can't wait to leap on the plane! Japan is on her top three list of countries she most wants to visit, after all. What she doesn't bank on is gorgeous Nick being there. Or that even on the other side of the world someone is determined to make Harriet's life miserable by sabotaging every one of her shoots... Add to the mix a new and terrible falling out with Nat just before she headed to Japan, super competitive model flatmates and the disorientating craziness of Tokyo; Harriet begins to feel that life couldn't get much worse. But in true Harriet Manners style, out of a complicated mess comes the solution. And she learns that although life and love are far from perfect, and that people and circumstances are constantly changing actually, that's OK. This 2013 HarperCollins Publishers Limited Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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