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I'm Not Good Enough... And Other Lies Women Tell Themselves by Sharon Jaynes

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It's easy to be deceived and to become hostage to lies, especially those we tell ourselves: I am a loser Nobody loves me I don't have time to read the Bible I'm not good enough I would be happier married to someone else My family would be better off if I were dead Without an education, I'll always be behind The list goes on. Sharon Jaynes, popular author, speaker, and Bible teacher, says that just as Jesus countered Satan's lies with truth from God's Word, so women today must use the Scriptures to counter those falsehoods that all too easily creep into their thinking. In this book, Sharon looks at the common lies women tell themselves and shows them how they can replace those lies with Truth. ''I'm Not Good Enough.,.'and Other Lies Women Tell Themselves' is a handy reference tool that will help women renew their minds and think God's thoughts rather than be swayed by the enemy's deceptions. This 2009 Harvest House Publishers,U.S. Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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