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Warrior Daughter by Janet Paisley

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2,000 years ago on the Isle of Skye, a warrior is born.Daughter of an Iron Age warrior queen, Skaaha is wild, headstrong and revered. But she is also a child, and when a chariot race leaves her mother dead and the queen's rival Mara in her place, Skaahas charmed life lies in ruins. Vulnerable, her future imperilled, Skaaha seeks to forge a life beyond the new queen's reach. But with rumour, fear and danger sweeping the island, she cannot remain unmoved. Broken by brutal misfortune, alone in a world of mistrust, Skaaha must unearth the courage to confront her enemies in defence of her people.Illuminated by the great Celtic fire festivals, Warrior Daughter is inspired by the historical Scathach, a fierce warrior woman of the first century AD and forerunner to the equally ferocious Boudicca. This 2009 Penguin books, limited Paperback is in Good condition.

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