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The Spell of Undoing: Book One of Quentaris, Quest of the Lost City by Paul Collins

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'The Spell of Undoing commences a new series in the Quentaris saga. Part of the 'Quentaris: Quest of the Lost City' series, this young adult paperback leads the reader on a wild adventure when Quentaris, a replica of a city from the early 1300s, is lifted from its bedrock by the Spell of Undoing. A saboteur gets the spell wrong. Instead of unravelling the city's prosperity, it lifts the entire city, throws it into a vortex, and hurls it through the rift maze and into another world. Quickly the citizens of Quentaris must transform the city into a galleon with propellers, sails, rudders etc. New powerful guilds emerge. Unfortunately, the spell also uproots Tolrush, an opposing city. This city becomes a marauder pirate ship, forever chasing Quentaris from world to world, while Quentaris flees and has other adventures. The feisty young heroine, Tab Vidler, overcomes many obstacles to help her city.'--Provided by publisher. This 2008 Ford Street Paperback is in Good condition.

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