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Dog Stories by Dylan Schaffer

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What would dogs say if they could talk? In this dog lover's dream come true, Dylan Schaffer offers thirty-seven incisive short shorts written from the canine point of view, paired with Jon Weber's discerning photographs. Whether featuring two mutts musing on the ineffable nature of life or a black Lab's heartfelt description of a leap into the ocean, this witty and insightful book speaks volumes about our relationship with the tail-wagging race. In shrewd duotone photo-portraits and funny yet poignant prose, these pontificating pooches emerge as much more than faithful companions: they are witty, wry, sardonic, and wise to the ways of the world. Privy to our daily quirks and foibles, they proffer observations so astute and counsel so honest that even cat lovers will succumb to their undeniable charm. This 1997 Chronicle Books Hardcover is in Good condition.

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