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Seahenge: a Quest for Life And Death in Bronze Age Britain by Francis Pryor

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One of the most haunting and enigmatic archaeological discoveries of recent times was the uncovering in 1998 at low tide of the so-called Seahenge on the north coast of Norfolk. This circle of wooden planks set vertically in the sand, with a large inverted tree-trunk in the middle, likened to a ghostly 'hand reaching up from the underworld', has now been dated to around 2020 BC. It focused national attention on archaeology to an extent not seen for many years, and the issues raised by its removal and preservation made it a 'cause celebre'. Francis Pryor has been at the centre of British archaeological fieldwork for nearly 30 years, piecing together the way of life of Bronze Age people, their settlement of the landscape, their religion and rituals.  'Seahenge' demonstrates how much Western civilization owes to the prehistoric societies that existed in Europe in the last four millennia BC. This 2002 Harper Collins Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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