The Short, Swift Time of Gods on Earth: the Hohokam Chronicles by Donald Bahr; Juan Smith; William Smith Allison; Julian Hayden

The Essential Difference: Men, Women And the Extreme Male Brain by Simon Baron-Cohen

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We all know the opposite sex can be a baffling, even infuriating, species. Why do most men use the phone to exchange information rather than a chat? Why do women love talking about relationships and feelings with their girlfriends while men seem strangely drawn to activities like computer games, new gadgets, discussing driving routes or the football results? And why are women better at understanding body language? Can it really all just be down to our upbringing? Here leading psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen confirms what most of us had suspected all along: that male and female brains are different. This groundbreaking and controversial study reveals the scientific evidence (present even in one-day-old babies) which proves that female-type brains are better at empathizing and communicating, while male brains are stronger at understanding and building systems - not just computers and machinery, but abstract systems such as politics and music. This 2003 Allen Lane Hardcover is in Near Mint condition.

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