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The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton

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AD 3580. The Intersolar Commonwealth has spread through the galaxy to over a thousand star systems. It is a culture of rich diversity with a place for everyone. A powerful navy protects it from any hostile species that may lurk among the stars. For Commonwealth citizens, even death has been overcome. At the centre of the galaxy is the Void, a strange universe created by aliens billions of years ago. In order to function, it is gradually consuming the mass of the galaxy. Watched over by its ancient enemies, the Raiel, the Void's expansion is barely contained. When Inigo — who dreams of the sweet life within the Void — mysteriously disappears, his followers embark on a pilgrimage, a pilgrimage which the Raiel claim will trigger a catastrophic expansion of the Void. Aaron is a man whose only memory is his own name. All he does know is that his job is to find the missing messiah and stop the pilgrimage. Meanwhile, a junior constable called Edeard starts to challenge the corruption and decay that have poisoned the city and is determined that his fellow citizens should know hope again. This 2008 Pan Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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