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The Silver Door (Moon & Sun) by Holly Lisle

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In the battle between nightlings and humans, it's prophesied that the Sunrider is destined to unite the magics of the sun and moon for the good of all. She alone can lead the fight to defeat an immortal evil. Genna is the chosen Sunrider, and under nightling protection, she must learn the acient magics so she may bring an end to the war between slaves and masters. When she escapes a brutal plot concoted by the evil kai lords, Genna finds herself cast into the depths of the Sun Wizards' world. As the war begins to cross the moonroads, threatening to destroy all the worlds beneath the sun and moon, Genna must rise and harness her new powers in order to save her people. Will Genna, with the help of her brother, Dan, and their friends Catri, Doyati, and Yarri, be able to fulfill her fate? Master storyteller, Holly Lisle, once again transports readers to the twilit realms of the night worlds in this enchanting and gorgeous second tale. Praise for THE RUBY KEY: 'The world Lisle creates is as distinctive and intriguing as any real place, with a complex history, well-developed societies, and a strong sense of magic. Many readers will find Lisle's creative embellishments of fairy lore especially arresting. Binding it all together is Genna's forthright, first-person narrative of the risky adventure, through which she remains steadfast even as her duties expand beyond her personal desires. Though one plot is resolved, hints of a possible romance for Genna and the promise of a larger catastrophe will leave readers clamoring for the next installment.' --BOOKLIST (starred review) This 2009 Orchard (Scholastic) Hardcover is in Good condition.

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