The Star Connection: the Science of Judaic Astrology by Rav Berg; Philip s. Berg

Out of Time: the Pleasures And Perils of Ageing by Lynne Segal

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'A brave book with a polemical argument on the paradoxes, struggles and advantages of aging. How old am I? Don't ask, don't tell. As the baby boomers approach their sixth or seventh decade, they are faced with new challenges and questions of politics and identity. In the footsteps of Simone de Beauvoir, Out of Time looks at many of the issues facing the aged--the war of the generations and baby-boomer bashing, the politics of desire, the diminished situation of the older woman, the space on the left for the presence and resistance of the old, the problems of dealing with loss and mortality, and how to find victory in survival'-- This 2013 Verso Hardback is in Near Mint condition.

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