Rose of the World (Fool's Gold) by Jude Fisher

Wild Magic (Fool's Gold) by Jude Fisher

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Rosa Eldi is the source of the magic that has returned to Elda, but as yet has not yet restored magic to herself. Rosa Eldi is no ordinary woman....and has married King Ravn Asharson of the North and is under pressure to have a child to establish succession. In the Southern Empire, the fire of holy war is smouldering and violence is everywhere. Peace loving Saro Vingo is caught up in this and is forced to take arms against the North...Aran Aranson, chief of the Rockfall clan is ignoring the call to arms to pursue a mad obsession, of finding a fortune.....All over Elda forces are aligning themselves for good or for evil. There is magic in the world again, but it is wild and unredictable, and few will count its touch a blessing. This 2003 Earthlight Paperback is in Fair condition.

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