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The Complete Book of Classic Sample Letters by Lee Jarvis

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At some time or other we are all called upon to write a letter. It may be for a job application, an invitation, a refusal, or a letter of condolence. Whatever the reason it is a task which we do less and less often today and which feels less and less comfortable. To receive a letter is a pleasure; to have to write one has become a chore.The truth is that most people today don't know the rules -- and this book is for them. It is a basic guide which starts with guidance in materials, presentation, addressing, dignitaries, etc., and has at its core 130 sample letters which will deal with 90 percent of our modern needs. They will do their job if simply copied. Or they provide an excellent framework if and when personal creativity swings into play. This 1997 Foulsham Paperback is in Good condition.

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