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Climbing Chamundi Hill: 1001 Steps with a Storyteller And a Reluctant Pilgrim by Ariel Glucklich

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A cross between Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights and The Celesine Prophecy, this book takes us on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. At the heart of the book are 30 of the greatest ancient Hindu tales, most of them unknown to western audiences, and many translated for the first time.A wonderful narrative frames the stories as a young American meets an old Indian guide just as he is about to begin his climb up the Chamundi Hill to the tmeples of Shiva. The hill is 1001 steps, the same number as the names for Shiva. The young man's feet are in pain, so to distract him the old man begins his storytelling. As is the ancient custom, the stories are at first simple in their concepts of spirituality, but as they climb higher, the stories become more complex, subtle and mystical, replicating the experience of a pilgrim on the path to enlightenment. This 2004 Bantam Trade Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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