The Price of Bacon by Jeanette Aplin

Destiny's Road by Larry Niven

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Almost 250 years ago, the starcruiser Argos reached the planet Destiny, carrying the first settlers. The Argos deserted them, dashing all hopes of ever contacting Earth again. And shortly afterwards the landing craft, the Cavorite, disappeared. But the Cavorite?s final voyage left behind a lasting impression on the planet?s surface: one that is still spoken of in terms of awe and wonder by the people of Spiral Town. For the landing craft hovered just a metre above the surface of the planet and seared a wide, smooth Road into the rock. It?s said that the Road crosses the whole planet, but no one knows for sure. Because no settler who has travelled down the Road has ever returned. However, when young Jemmy Bloocher is accused of murder and forced to flee Spiral Town, there is only one way he can go. This 1998 Orbit Trade Paperback is in Fair condition.

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