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Luck And Chutzpah by H. G. Kahn

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Mr. Kahn tells of his many narrow escapes from the clutches of the Nazis & their collaborators, including his breakout from a concentration camp & his shooting of a guard with the guard's pistol. He recounts how, dressed in religious garb, he finds shelter in a Toulouse bordello, & how he survives his dangerous crossing of the Pyrenees in the company of fellow Jews & some allied soldiers. The author describes his service in the merchant fleet as having been both dangerous & exhilarating, & as having been the foundation of his career as a naval officer & later, a shipping magnate. Mr. Kahn tells of being reunited at the war's end with his father. He then follows through on his earlier Zionist training by traveling to the then - Palestine, where he initially serves on merchant vessels, aiding in 'illegal' immigration, & then following the declaration of the State of Israel, in May 1948, he becomes one of the first officers in that nation's nascent Navy. Once Israel's independence is secured, Mr. Kahn returns to the Northerlands & opens a ship brokerage business. After six difficult years, the combination of luck & chutzpah that has marked his life, brings him into contact with an enterprise needing to send animal hides from Chicago to Rotterdam. Mr. Kahn devises a way to ship the odiferous hides without leaving a permanent trace of their presence. In an innovative & economical second move, he arranged for his chartered vessels to carry British-built automobiles to the United States on the return voyage. As his Hycar Line prospers, Mr. Kahn becomes interested in the new concept of containerized shipping. He realizes that certain large cargos will not fit into standardized containers, & he & his associates decide to design a ship capable of carrying unwieldy goods. The resulting Dutch-built ship, Stellanova, delivered to Mr. Kahn in 1968, becomes the first of ten specialized vessels. They currently carry cargo across the world's seas & oceans for clients such as Shell, Exxon, General Motors, Bechtel & General Electric. Order from: Gefen Publishing House Ltd, 1-800-ISR-LBKS (1-800-477-5257) This 1997 Gefen Pub. House Paperback is in Good condition.

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