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The Last Stand At Majuba Hill: Simon Fonthill Series, Book 4 by John Wilcox

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In the fight for South Africa, who will be the first to fall? The year is 1881, and General George Pomeroy-Colley, commander of the British forces in Natal, is planning to stamp out a rebellion. He is convinced the Transvaal Boers - mere farmers - can pose no serious threat, but before he can advance into unknown terrain, he needs reliable information. He calls on former army captain Simon Fonthill. a veteran of the Zulu and Sekukuni campaigns, Fonthill knows the Boers should not be underestimated.After narrowly surviving a scouting mission into hostile territory, Fonthill and his servant, '352' Jenkins, are given an urgent diplomatic assignment where further danger and treachery await them. But the greatest test is yet to come. As the Queen's men and the sharp-shooting Boers converge on the imposing heights of Majuba Hill, Fonthill and Jenkins are first into the fray. If they are to break the enemy, Colley's men must hold the summit at all costs. Simon Fonthill Series (Novels) 1. The Horns of the Buffalo (2004) 2. The Road to Kandahar (2005) 3. The Diamond Frontier (2006) 4. Last Stand at Majuba Hill (2007) 5. The Guns of El Kebir (2007) 6. The Siege of Khartoum (2009) 7. The Shangani Patrol (2010) 8. The War of the Dragon Lady (January, 2012) 9. Fire Across the Veldt (April, 2013) 10. Bayonets Along the Border (February, 2014) 11. Treachery in Tibet (January, 2015) 12. Dust Clouds of War (December, 2015) 11. Treachery In Tibet (2015) 12. Dust Clouds of War (2015) Short Stories Pirates - Starboard Side! (February, 2014) This 2007 Headline Book Publishing Hardcover is in Good condition.

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